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Link building can make or break the SEO efforts of […]


Link building can make or break the SEO efforts of your B2B business. Even if your content is exceptional, you may not rank in top positions for important keywords. The root cause is usually the quantity and quality of your backlinks.


Google considers backlinks as one of the most important ranking factors, but not just any backlinks. It’s important that you don’t have toxic and spammy links pointing to your website, or it can do more damage than good. 

Because of that, it’s crucial to invest in high-quality link building to increase your website’s organic traffic and rankings.

How to secure links that bring results

A Link Building Strategy That Drives Organic Traffic

We partner with you to identify keywords that align with your B2B marketing goals and KPIs (e.g. increased sales or more qualified leads). We know our way around keyword research (even if you’re targeting competitive keywords). Our B2B link building tactics align with your business objectives to generate more traffic to your website.

Planning Your B2B Link Building Campaign

Each quarter we present you with a plan for your SEO strategy, from short to long-term goals. You’ll know exactly how many links will build, and which quality sites we partner with. Important factors in our link building strategy will always be discussed with your team, including the anchor text we use, brand mentions, and the target pages.

Prospecting for High Quality Backlinks

Our Outreach team comes prepared with a background in link building for B2B. That’s why we combine manual outreach with long-term link building partnerships when we build your link profile. As part of our link building services, we are skilled in building relationships with high quality sites with a high domain authority (DR) relevant to your niche. By guest posting and building links on web pages your ICP wants to read, we take your digital marketing to the next level and deepen your relationship with your target market.

Outreach to Sites with High Domain Authority

We tailor our outreach campaign to your B2B link building needs. Whether it’s boosting your online visibility by building your backlink profile from the ground up or leveraging partnerships with authoritative websites to connect with potential leads, our link building outreach team finds opportunities for inbound links to your website by exploring the opportunities in your niche. Before we create content, we pitch guest posts or agree to a sponsorship with other websites, leaving more time for your in-house teams to focus on what matters most: maximizing conversions.

Content Partnerships

One key part of our link-building tactics is content partnerships. Creating high-quality backlinks means placing contextual links within high-quality content, and our B2B SEO content writing team does the hard work for you. Every blog post we write redirects to a page of your choosing.

Great Results From Great B2B Link Building Services

We don’t just want your site to rank at the top of search engine results, we want our link building services to give you real-world results based on your KPIs. We do deep analysis on the impact these links have had to-date on your SEO KPI. E.g. Have the links we placed impacted keyword rankings for your website? How many monthly signups or leads are we driving? We analyze what works, what doesn’t, and suggest more link building opportunities for the next month.

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