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Learn What is SEO and how it can help you


SEO is the process of techniques to improve keywords ranking in Google & get Free Organic Traffic.


SEO is the process of Optimization techniques to get higher rankings in Google and free Organic traffic from Google Search.

Actually, SEO is not all about getting free traffic. It is about to Show People What they are searching for. For Example, if you are searching for keyword “SEO” then you will find SERP results related to SEO or What Is SEO or How to do SEO?

But if you search for Blogspot then you will find results related to Blogspot. Because you searched and want to know about SEO & Blogspot respectively.

But suppose that your site is ranking for keyword SEO. And when someone searches for SEO your site shows them and getting traffic related to your business. Means, you are getting tons of Targeted users related to your business ultimately which you can convert into loyal customers.

This is the Power of SEO.

SEO reduces overall efforts if you are using it in the right way. For example, you are a Digital Marketer and Offers Digital Marketing Consultation Services on your site. And you are ranking for the keyword “SEO” and getting lots of users on your website. But no one user using your Digital Marketing Services. This means you are unable to convert your users into customers.

But On the Other hand, if you are ranking for the keyword;

“SEO Services” or “SEO services in (geo-location)” like as- SEO Services in the USA, SEO Services in India or Specify the city like as- “SEO Services In New York”, “SEO Services In Ludhiana”, Digital Marketing Services and also ranking on those keywords.

There are more chances to get users that are convert-able to your customers for your SEO services or Digital Marketing Services than keywords: SEO or Digital Marketing respectively.

Because there is a difference between the user’s mentality, requirements or situations. It is called user intent.

Let me explain this; users whose search for “SEO” are looking to know or learn about the SEO field. Maybe many of them have heard this “SEO” term for the first time and then search to know more about what is SEO?

That’s why these users have very few chances to convert into your Customers. It may be possible that they become your clients in the future but at the spot, it is nearly impossible.

On the other hand, when users are searching for “SEO services in ___________” have solid chances to convert to your clients. Because these people are looking for an SEO specialist or SEO expert to hire for their businesses. That’s why they are searching for SEO services.

That way SEO reduces your overall efforts to increase your customers & ROI (Return on Investment). But only if you’re doing it the right way. Basically, for this, you have to need to understand your business, customers, and your goals. We will discuss later in this guide in detail, about that.

But before that, you should know about search engines like Google.

Yes, Google is a search engine, not the Internet. Yahoo, Ask, duck-duck go, AOL all are search engines. But Google Is More Popular and User-friendly Search Engine. That’s why it is very popular all over the world.

  • People make more than 3 Billion searches per day on Google.
  • And more than 100 billion searches every month.

Now, you can imagine how much Popular is Google.

This is the reason why every marketer is targeting Google than others.

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