How to Optimize & Track Your Google Discover Performance

Google Discover is a highly personalized content feed that proactively […]

google Discover

Google Discover is a highly personalized content feed that proactively serves interest-based relevant content to users without searching anything on Google.

While traditional search process works on the basis of a given query and shows the most relevant results for that. But Google Discover automatically shows new and useful content according to your interest and activity on Google.

google discover

Google Discover is using AI technology in the almost same way as TikTok is YouTube using to provide customized feed content to users.

Google Discover is only available on mobile devices. You can get it in your Google App, Google Chrome App, Android devices, and on on all mobile devices but you must be logged in to your Google account.

As a user, it is a good way to automatically get new updates, news, and trending topics from your favorite topics to stay updated. 

For webmasters (website owners) and content creators, It is a new source of traffic that is highly targeted and interesting to read/listen to. 

How Does It Work?

The approach of “Google Discover” is easy to understand. Since they already have your information, they know about you.

According to Google, Discover works this way:

  • Google tracks and saves your web and app activities.
  • Google Discover retrieves your data from Google properties.
  • Analyzes your web activities and experiences.
  • And presents you with personalized and relevant information using an automated system. When new content is published, the feed is refreshed automatically. The information displayed to you comes across the web in different types and formats, both new and evergreen – Videos, articles, and web stories.

How To Optimize Your Website For Google Discover?

If your content is indexed by Google and follows Google Discover content guidelines then it is automatically eligible to appear on Google Discover. But being eligible doesn’t guarantee that it’ll appear on Discover.

Google considers some other factors too like content quality, freshness, and website E-E-A-T. To improve your chances to appear on Google Discover, you need to optimize your website and content. 

Here are some important tips to appear on Google Discover;

  • Be Mobile-Friendly
  • Optimize for Entities (Topics) instead of Keywords.
  • Consistently publish high-quality content that properly explains a story, provides unique insights, and talks about the latest trends.
  • Use high-quality images at least 1200px wide.
  • Your titles should be interesting but avoid click-bait.
  • Improve your website’s E-A-T; Expertise, Authority, and Trust.
  • Improve transparency by providing information like dates & bylines, information about publishers, publications, authors, company information, and contact details.
  • Promote your content on social media.
  • Publish video content (YouTube) and embed videos in your articles.
  • Try Web Stories

How To Track My Website Performance On Discover

Google’s Discover performance report is not visible to everyone. You can see it in your GSC only if your website has reached the minimum threshold impressions from Discover.

You can check your Google Search Console if you can find the Google Discover Performance report there.

google discover

But if you’re not getting Discover report in your Google Search Console then follow these steps to check your website’s Discover Report;

Copy this URL:

and change the domain with your website URL. (bold)

And Search it on your web browser.

You can see the performance of your website on Google Discover. But if the report is blank that means your website content is not appearing on Discover.

You have to ensure that your website & content follow Google’s guidelines. Also, try to implement the above-mentioned tips to get traffic from Google Discover

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