Kinsta Review 2024: Is Kinsta The Best WordPress Web Hosting

Looking to buy Kinsta Hosting? Here is the detailed Kinsta Review to know everything in detail with my personal experience.

Are you looking for a reliable and secure web hosting to host your WordPress website?

when we talk about best managed WordPress hosting services, Kinsta is one of the top names. They are popular for their fast servers, high-quality support, and excellent services.

In this detailed Kinsta hosting review, I will highlight all the major features of Kinsta WordPress hosting and also help you to find out how they are competing with other popular Managed WordPress hosting providers like WpEngine & WPX Hosting.

Kinsta is a managed WordPress hosting platform that offers lightning-fast speeds and unparalleled performance. With the use of Google Compute Engine, this cutting-edge platform has been designed to ensure your site never goes down, no matter what kind of traffic it receives. In addition, Kinsta offers free CDN hosting, SSL certificates, malware scanning, DDOS protection and daily backups.

Read on to find out why Kinsta is considered one of the most trusted managed WordPress hosting platforms in the world today.

About Kinsta

Kinsta had started its hosting business back in 2013. They are quite new compared to other popular hosting companies. However, if you analyze the demand for managed WordPress hosting, then you can understand that they have started at the right time only.

Kinsta is the biggest competitor of WPX Hosting, Cloudways, and WP Engine in the current market. Right now they are offering hosting services to more than 128 countries across the world.

Kinsta hosting servers are powered by Google Cloud Platform and that’s why they are able to provide fast loading servers and cost wise it is quite high than the typically shared hosting plans.

Not only that, but Kinsta also doesn’t provide a typical cPanel dashboard like others, rather they have their own dashboard to manage your hosting account.

On their about us page, they have proudly mentioned that Kinsta is obsessed with performance, and that is clearly telling how much they are focused on providing a fast loading, highly secure hosting environment for their customers!

Kinsta can be a good web hosting for;

  • Small Businesses
  • WooCommerce websites
  • Enterprise Websites
  • Publishers
  • Membership sites
  • Multisites
  • Agencies
  • Education
  • Non-Profits

How Kinsta Works

Kinsta offers an easy way to get your website up and running. Signing up with Kinsta is simple, and you can begin by either hosting a brand-new website or migrating an existing one.

To migrate a site, you have the option of using their Kinsta platform which streamlines the entire process. Kinsta offers free migration services to their customers. 

Hosting a new website is also straightforward, once you have chosen your hosting plan simply visit the relevant area of the dashboard and click ‘Sites’.

As a bonus, Kinsta data centers are located all around the world so that websites can be hosted in a location most suitable for them – you even get to pick more than one if you need it! With 29 data centers available for each website installed on Kinsta, you can rest assured that your site will run optimally wherever it lives.

Kinsta Review: Features

The New Google Cloud Compute-Optimized VMs (C2)

Kinsta is always pushing the boundaries of web hosting and has again done so by adopting Google Cloud Platform’s next-generation compute-optimized VMs (C2). This major upgrade came in October 2019, and marks a major milestone for Kinsta. With the power of Google Cloud’s cutting-edge technology, webmasters can now enjoy even faster site speeds without having to do any additional work or testing to take advantage of this new service.

The introduction of C2 from GCP has been highly anticipated as its advancements are specifically designed to benefit websites with heavier requirements — allowing them to experience significantly greater performance increases than ever before. By combining Google Cloud Platform’s powerful virtual machines with Kinsta’s premium managed hosting solutions, users are guaranteed a reliable high performance website experience that will deliver maximum speed throughout the entire user journey for their customers.

Built For Speed

In our test of the top 50 web hosting providers, Kinsta is the fastest web hosting provider. WPX is the second fastest web hosting company.

According to Kinsta, Websites see an average 25% improvement in website load time after migrating to Kinsta webhosting.

In our test, We found that Kinsta has the tools to achieve blazing-fast speed and performance like nowhere else. From the advanced Nginx platform to the lightweight LXD containers to the compute-optimized VMs, Kinsta allows website owners to make sure their websites load in a fraction of a second.

After making the move to Kinsta, our first byte times were seen an impressive improvement of 30-40%. And since then, we have also seen a considerable uplift in all other performance metrics as well.

Reliability and uptime are just as important and we are happy to say that Kinsta’s world-class infrastructure and hosting solutions provides both. There is no need to worry about technical issues causing pages to crash or become unresponsive – something that is a major concern for website owners. 

Kinsta has not only deliver persistently faster page speeds across multiple metrics but also resulted in better keyword rankings and organic traffic growth thanks to improved Core Web Vitals scores and Google Pagespeed insights. No wonder why once we made the switch is remains one of the best decisions ever when it comes to designing and optimizing our website for maximum speed and performance potential.

Easy To Use Dashboard

Kinsta offers a streamlined and easy-to-use dashboard named Mykinsta that makes website management simple. The dashboard features an array of monitoring and other services, making it a great choice for users who need versatility. In the Sites page, you’ll find a list of all currently active websites connected to your account as well as any recent ones you’ve added.

The Resource Usage page provides an overview of the resources used by each site so you can best optimize them to maintain ideal performance. Moreover, the Kinsta DNS page allows you to add and manage domains along with their respective DNS records quickly and easily. Lastly, the Analytics page provides graphs and tables detailing traffic, uptime, errors over time, etc., further allowing users to determine where changes need to be made when necessary. With its vast array of features and intuitive user interface, Kinsta’s dashboard is definitely one of the better user experiences out there for managing websites.

Free CDN

Having a content delivery network is an incredibly useful tool for any business hosting their websites. This is especially true with Kinsta, which provides a free CDN combined with its managed hosting service. The CDN they offer is powered by KeyCDN and advantageously uses HTTP/2 and IPv6 technologies to provide fast speeds and improved reliability.

Kinsta’s free Content Delivery Network (CDN) allows webmasters to optimize the loading of their assets and media around the globe. By utilizing its far-reaching servers, the website speeds can be greatly improved regardless of the visitor’s location or distance from the actual data center being used to host the site. This type of speed increase offered by Kinsta translates into improved page load time and better user experience. Plus, this turbocharged performance is available without having to pay extra fees like some other hosting companies require.

Free SSL Hosting and Certificate

Free SSL Hosting and Certificate is an invaluable asset for any website, providing increased security and boosting customer trust. Kinsta makes it incredibly simple to acquire this certificate through their Let’s Encrypt integration. Users only have to click two buttons in order to activate the program, negating much of the hassle that would otherwise be associated with obtaining an SSL certificate.

Once users have internalized the process, they can easily generate the certificate at no cost. This provides a much-needed safeguard against malicious actors who wish to snoop into confidential information, as well as reinforcing customer assurance of safety when interacting with a site. As such, free SSL hosting and certificates offered by Kinsta is an invaluable asset for any website owner looking to boost protection for their property.

Malware Scanning & Hack Fixes

Kinsta has a comprehensive monitoring system to protect WordPress websites from malicious code and DDoS attacks. Their malware scanning is used every minute by their technology, New Relic, which keeps an eye out for any suspicious activity. If a site is infected with malware, Kinsta will remove it at no cost to their customers. Firewalls and restrictions keep malicious code from entering the network while also protecting your website from damages. Additionally, Kinsta can even detect DDoS attacks as they happen, leaping into action to prevent any malicious code from affecting your website.

With tools designed specifically to protect against malware, Kinsta offers one of the best solutions for safeguarding WordPress websites against hacking and other malicious activities. Kinsta employs hardware firewalls as well as software-based restrictions to guarantee optimal security measures. These safeguards undoubtedly help make Kinsta one of the leading providers in website security; as soon as they detect malicious code influencing or attempting to damage your site, they are ready with a solution almost immediately – deactivating the code and protecting your site for free!

DDOS Protection

When it comes to protecting your WordPress website against DDoS attacks, Kinsta suggests using a large network with additional costs. Cloudflare is an effective example; they provide advanced DDoS protection at a rate of $200 per month. Their vast network can intercept and mitigate threats more quickly than smaller services would be able to handle. Another alternative is Sucuri which offers comparable protection for just $20 per month. This service provides complete protection from malicious attacks in addition to real-time monitoring and extensive firewall rules.

Ultimately, Kinsta believes that when it comes to DDoS protection, the best defense comes from utilizing strong networks which are costly but important investments into keeping your WordPress website safe and secure. With carefully selected service providers, you can ensure maximum uptime while increasing the overall efficiency of your website hosting environment as well as mitigating most security threats such as malicious code injections and data breaches. Taking into account every aspect of these solutions is critical if you want to maximize the uptime of your site while ensuring its security in the face of modern threats.

29 Data Centre Locations

When it comes to hosting your WordPress website, having access to a variety of data centers is key for ensuring fast and reliable performance. Fortunately, with Kinsta, you can choose from 20 different Google Cloud Platform data center locations around the world. These include major cities like San Francisco, London, Singapore, and Tokyo; as well as smaller regions like Sydney and Helsinki.

Everything is interconnected over their premium tier network, designed to minimize distance and hops, resulting in faster load time and secure transport of your data.

Google Cloud servers are very popular for their scalability feature. That means based on the need for the website, one can utilize the resources, and according to that control the cost of hosting charges as well.

By selecting the right server location for your needs, you can make sure that your content is delivered quickly and without any issues. It’s always important to consider where your current visitors are located – this way you can ensure that they are getting the best service possible. If you’re not too sure of the best location for you, feel free to use GCP Ping which can analyse latency rates in order to give you a better understanding of which data centre works best for your website.

Daily Backups

Having a reliable backup system is essential for any WordPress website. Unfortunately, things can go wrong and you could find yourself losing important data or without access to your site. That’s why Kinsta’s daily automatic backups are so important – it provides an easy way to revert changes if anything goes wrong. Not only that, every site on your account will also get backed up with the same frequency, meaning you don’t need to worry about setting everything up manually for each one.

The backups contain a complete snapshot of all your environment files, including databases and core files. This makes it easy to restore your entire website from any given point at the click of a button when needed. You can manage all of these backups through the Kinsta Dashboard with equal ease, allowing you to easily pick out any restore points that may be required. Thanks to Kinsta’s advanced setup and back-end support services, maintaining your WordPress website has never been easier!

Staging Area

Having a good test environment is an invaluable asset to any website owner. It can be used to test new WordPress versions, plugins, and code before they are pushed into production. This helps ensure the integrity of the site and gives developers peace of mind to know that they are pushing only tested features live.

I recently migrated from WPX Hosting to Kinsta WordPress hosting specifically because of their staging area and production environment. This provides real time replication for testing as well as for a safe launch once everything approved and ready for public consumption. Not only does it keep me up-to-date on new standards in the industry but also allows for efficient development without having to manually configure changes on every site version we push out. Overall, Kinsta’s feature-rich staging area has improved our workflow significantly.

Uptime Checks

Uptime checks are a necessary measure that protect both companies and users from technical issues. Kinsta takes uptime seriously, with 720 daily checks to ensure minimal down time of their sites. These checks go hand in hand with the Service Level Agreement, which guarantees an uptime reliability rate of 99.9%. Kinsta even provides you with a credit on your account if they fail to correct error response codes within 30 minutes.

Kinsta is always looking for ways to improve their service, and this includes the integration of New Relic performance monitoring Tool into its arsenal of tools used to check for potential issues. This tool can identify problems within minutes, allowing Kinsta to fix them before they could cause any visible or serious performance damage or downtime for customers using their services. Uptime checks are not only beneficial for Kinsta but also give users confidently in knowing that their sites will be as functional as possible all times.

Free Migrations

Kinsta’s WordPress hosting service comes with a range of benefits, and now you can enjoy them without the hassle of moving your site from another host. Kinsta has recently announced the launch of their unlimited free migrations program for WP Engine, Flywheel, and SiteGround customers. With this new offer, Kinsta will migrate your website from any of those three providers free of charge and in no time at all.

Using Kinsta’s free migration service is easy. All you need to do is request a transfer on the Kinsta website and let their team handle the rest. Their support team is available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have or assist in any stage of the process. Plus, once your site is successfully transferred to Kinsta’s hosting platform, you’ll be able to take advantage of several features such as built-in caching and daily backups so your data stays safe and secure. Whether you’re migrating an existing website or setting up a brand new one, trust it with Kinsta and get full peace of mind.

Kinsta & Developer Features

For developers, Kinsta makes it easy to create and manage website environments with features like staging and integration with WP-CLI, Composer and Git. The staging environment is incredibly useful for making changes to your site without immediately impacting the live version. It is designed so that with the click of a button you can create a copy of your site that can be modified and tested before any changes are made on the live version.

Once you deploy changes to the stage environment, versions of your site files as well as a database snapshot will be stored in case you need to roll back any incorrect changes. You also have access to one-click cloning so you can make new sites quickly if needed. It is recommended that developers always create backups and double-check their wp-config.php file before pushing changes back to the live version, but overall Kinsta provides an excellent set of developer features that make managing website environments easier than ever before.

Testing Kinsta’s managed WordPress hosting

Kinsta’s managed WordPress hosting was recently put to the test for an entire 12 month period and came out on top with a perfect 100% uptime. This impressive result demonstrates that Kinsta is a reliable and robust web hosting provider, far exceeding their competitors when it comes to maintaining consistent uptime over the years. Our independent tests over 2020, 2021, and 2022 couldn’t dispute this fact – Kinsta achieved 100% uptime in each of those years.

Not only is Kinsta’s performance impressive year-round, but there have been many reports online praising the company for its dedication in providing exceptional service and support whenever customers experience technical issues or stability problems. Therefore, it is no wonder why they’re continuing to remain one of the top web hosting choices among businesses and individuals who are seeking both reliability and great customer service.

Speed and Performance Like Nowhere Else

All Backed Up By Outstanding Trustpilot Rating

When it comes to selecting the right web hosting platform, obtaining feedback from other users is essential. This is where trustpilot ratings come into play, as they are reliable sources of online reviews from customers just like yourself. Every review has been thoroughly discussed and evaluated to ensure that the rating given provides a comprehensive overview of the user experience.

In this case, Kinsta web hosting platform stands out as it has an admirable 4.5-star rating out of 456 reviews on Trustpilot. This outstanding rating suggest that users have had positive experiences with Kinsta and its services have been worthwhile investments for many users – re-affirming my positive experience with Kinsta. As such, I can confidently recommend Kinsta to anyone looking for a reliable web hosting platform backed up excellent reviews!

When to use Kinsta web hosting?

Kinsta is a high-end web hosting option for those operating WordPress-based websites. Kinsta is known for its fast loading and rock-solid stability, making it an ideal option for professional websites with lots of traffic. This performance consistently makes it an easy choice for SEO professionals, ecommerce stores, and anyone else needing reliable site speeds. Additionally, Kinsta customers will benefit from the consistent uptime and never having to worry about their website being offline.

For monthly visitor numbers that fluctuate wildly, or limited bandwidth budgets, Kinsta may not be the best fit. There are costs associated with exceeding preset limits as well as fees for additional resources like disk space or even backup images, so if you’re using Kinsta keep close track of your usage and don’t exceed any limits without prior agreement or you may incur extra costs. However if you can stay within the terms of service provided by Kinsta they offer some top features at a competitive rate and could be just what your website needs to take it to the next level.

When not to use Kinsta web hosting?

When it comes to web hosting, Kinsta is a great option for those of us who want to get the best performance out of our sites. That being said, if your site doesn’t depend on having the highest level of speed, there are cheaper options than Kinsta’s premium managed WordPress hosting services. This is especially true when it comes to portfolios, blogs or personal websites that don’t need lightning-fast page load speeds.

Our developers have experienced configuration issues with Kinsta compared to other popular web hosts such as WP Engine or Siteground. To summarize what we found: WP Engine offers a more user-friendly server configuration when dealing with plugins and WordPress; fewer conflicts will arise in comparison to Kinsta. Ultimately, if you need high performance for your site then Kinsta is one of the top choices – but if not, you should consider looking elsewhere for a more affordable solution that still suits your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Kinsta fast?

Yes, Kinsta is fast. The average page load time in our latest speed tests was 1.82 seconds which are less than the 3.00 seconds recommended by Google for optimum SEO results. Looking at the data from the past three years, even though Kinsta stands out as a relatively fast web host service, there are others that consistently outperform it.

To make WordPress faster and improve website loading times, one can take various steps such as optimizing your images, breaking up long posts into multiple pages and leveraging caching plugins like WP Rocket or W3 Total Cache to name a few. By following these best practices for WordPress content optimization, you can ensure that your website loads quickly no matter what hosting provider you decide to go with.

24/7 Expert Customer Support

When it comes to providing customer support, Kinsta’s team of WordPress experts have always been there for me. From complex solutions to minor issues, they provided timely solutions and responded quickly to my inquiries. They understood my needs and offered email-support as well as 24/7 chat assistance with their team of experts.

Kinsta also went above and beyond with proactive monitoring to ensure that I wouldn’t run into any unexpected problems. When I needed help with something WordPress-related, they provided knowledgeable answers to assist me in resolving any issue. In addition, the language used was clear and concise which made the communication process much easier. Their team had no problem answering tough questions or pointing me in the right direction when I got stuck on a particular issue.

Overall, Kinsta’s expert customer support has been invaluable throughout my experience with them. They provide an invaluable service and have always gone out of their way to ensure that every issue is dealt with promptly and efficiently.

Should you choose Kinsta?

Choosing the right web hosting can be one of the most important decisions when it comes to successfully running a website. Kinsta is an excellent choice for many, but certainly not all websites. For sites that are just starting out and have low traffic volume, Kinsta is probably not the best solution as their plans are more expensive than other providers and may have more features than are necessary for such sites.

On the other hand, if a website has steady (or rapid) growth each month and receives a constant stream of higher traffic levels than expected, Kinsta’s offerings could be extremely beneficial. Users who run established websites with high volumes of traffic will also appreciate the benefits of Kinsta’s reliable hosting services which quite literally take out any surprises due to failures or outages. As such, these users may find that they will get much better return on investment by choosing Kinsta over cheaper options available. In these cases, it may be worth considering whether or not investing in premium quality hosting services provided by Kinsta is the right choice for them.

My Personal Experience Using Kinsta to Host My Own Website

My experience with Kinsta hosting for my own website has been very positive. After switching from a basic shared WordPress hosting plan, I noticed an immediate improvement in the speed of my website. Prior to using Kinsta, my site was slow and I had few options to significantly improve it without a total overhaul. The quality of content I was producing was ranking highly in Google, but with high bounce rates due to page speed problems.

Kinsta’s hosting service resolved those issues quickly and effectively. Their servers are highly efficient – my pages load quickly and consistently – resulting in better user engagement and improved search engine rankings for the content itself. This has drastically improved overall user experience not only for me but for any visitors to my website as well. The level of customer service is also outstanding with prompt support staff available 24/7 who know their stuff and respond quickly with solutions that really work. All in all, this has been a great move on my part and I’m looking forward to seeing what more Kinsta can do!

My site speed increased signficantly.

My website speed and page load time have been significantly improved with the help of Kinsta. After just 48 hours of setup, I was able to make some simple adjustments that completely transformed my site’s speed and performance. I made changes such as enabling Kinsta DNS and Kinsta CDN, as well as other settings that allowed for better optimization of my website.

Before using Kinsta, my website could handle a moderate amount of traffic, but wouldn’t be able to cope with larger fluctuations in traffic. With Kinsta I no longer need to worry about how much traffic my site is receiving, since it can easily adjust! This has been especially useful due to unexpectedly high amounts of people viewing my page due to articles or media references – something which could potentially crash regular shared hosting providers. With Kinsta, I also don’t have to worry about slow page loading times or any kind of lag whatsoever!

My website could handle large fluctuations in traffic.

Having a website that can handle large fluctuations in traffic is an important factor to consider when choosing a hosting service. Shared hosting is typically the most affordable, but the downside is that it has limited ability to handle rapid spikes in visitors––this may make your site slow or even crash, at least temporarily. On the other hand, more expensive options such as Kinsta and Siteground offer highly scalable infrastructure, enabling them to handle surges in visitor numbers easily. With these higher cost plans also come extra features such as automated scaling, increasing available resources if things get busy without you having to take manual action. It’s a great way of safeguarding your website from experiencing performance issues due to unanticipated increases in visitor numbers.

Ultimately there’s no one-size-fits-all approach and websites will have different needs based on their expected visitor volume and types of functions they are hosting. Investing time into researching your wider hosting environment before making any decisions about what option best suits your current requirements is key to ensuring you choose the most effective solution for your unique setup––and don’t end up paying too much for features you simply don’t need.

Full daily website backups were a major time saver.

Having a full daily website backup is an amazing time saver for any website owner. With Kinsta, it’s super simple and easy to enable automatic WordPress backups in addition to system generated backups. All you have to do is navigate to the MyKinsta dashboard and head over to the “Backups” tab. From here, you can see a list of all your restore points as well as all automatically-generated backups.

For those of us who need a little extra coverage, there’s also an option available for hourly backups. This service has helped me tremendously when I’ve made mistakes or noticed something strange happening on my website. Whether I was dealing with broken code or images that didn’t quite fit how I envisioned them, Kinsta allowed me to quickly roll back my website with just one click of a button. Setting up my automated full daily website backup was the best decision I ever made – it eliminates the need for labor intensive manual backups that involve copying and pasting hundreds of lines of code at once!

Kinsta is extremely user-friendly and easy to setup.

Kinsta is an incredibly user-friendly platform for setting up and managing WordPress websites. It excels in its approachability, making it accessible to those with varying levels of technical know-how. I found that the control panels, dashboard settings and the knowledge base were far easier to navigate than other hosting services which can often overwhelm users when first starting out.

One of Kinsta’s strengths is how quickly and efficiently they break down complex technical details with digestible steps. The vast majority of my worries on how hard it would be to learn a new hosting service were instantly wiped away. With their organized dashboards and clear analytics tracking, it provides the tools necessary to manage a website without feeling inundated with overly complex terminology or features that are difficult to comprehend. Kinsta delivers many powerful features while delivering one of the most user-friendly dashboards on the market today.

Kinsta’s customer service is made up of actual WordPress professionals.

Kinsta’s customer service has been a pleasant surprise. Instead of the traditional customer support reps, Kinsta stands out by its team of Linux engineers and WordPress developers that provide you with an unprecedented level of support. This means your problem will be solved faster because there is no need to keep explaining yourself or even spend time on the phone waiting for help.

I know from personal experience that Kinsta’s team of WordPress experts are up for any challenge, as I have experienced issues that have been resolved almost instantly. It makes it much easier to setup my website knowing I can make late-night updates with access to such knowledgeable professionals. There has never been a problem that their team has not been able to resolve quickly, allowing me hassle free website management.

Kinsta Hosting Plans

Kinsta is a managed WordPress hosting solution that provides exceptional services to its customers. All plans are feature-rich, with advanced security, automatic backups, and optimized performance. The base plan starts at $30 per month and comes with one WordPress install, 25,000 visits, and 10 GB of disk space. It also offers great uptime, fast loading times, expert customer support and the ability to scale up easily as the needs of your website grow.

The starter plan might appear expensive when compared to some other hosting providers but Kinsta promises reliability and great performance for any website or blog hosted through their services. With automated backups as part of the package then you don’t have to worry about losing any data due to human error or any server issues that may arise. Kinsta is trusted by thousands of users and businesses around the world thanks to their powerful technology and robust performance. Whether you need a reliable blogging platform or top class hosting for an important project then Kinsta is certainly worth considering.

What can you expect from each Kinsta plan?

No matter which plan Kinsta offers, each of them provides the same high quality features and customer service. All of their plans include an experienced customer support team that is available 24/7 to help all customers with any questions they may have. They also offer WordPress-specific site architecture so your website runs more efficiently than ever before and a staging environment if you want to test changes on your site before publishing them.

Kinsta’s plans are segmented based on the number of sites that can be run, monthly visits, storage, and CDN storage offered by each one. Many other hosting providers don’t usually limit these aspects which makes Kinsta even more attractive. All in all, no matter what plan you choose from Kinsta, rest assured that you will get the same great features with excellent customer service support.


Kinsta Pricing

Kinsta offers a wide range of pricing options for its customers, from Starter to Business 4 and then Enterprise 1 – 4 plans. The three main consumer plans, which will be focused on in this comparison, are Starter, Pro and Business 1. The Starter plan is the simplest and most affordable option with prices starting at around $35 per month. It is geared towards those who want an entry-level WordPress hosting solution or just need something to get started with quickly.

Pro and Business 1, on the other hand, provide more features and capabilities than the starter plan, but they come at a higher price point ranging from $100 – $1,650 per month respectively. These plans are suitable for those who want increased performance and scalability for demanding websites. With Kinsta’s data centers located all over the world users can expect lightning fast speeds no matter where in the world their website is hosted. Moreover, each of these plans comes with 24/7 customer service so that you can get any question answered quickly by industry professionals.

Kinsta comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

18. Kinsta Alternatives

Kinsta is a popular cloud hosting service that offers competitively priced plans with top-of-the-line features. However, one of its biggest competitors is, which proves to be a much better alternative. With, customers get 16x as many CPU cores, 3x RAM and free Redis along with NVMe SSDs and LiteSpeed’s PHP. Moreover, their Cloudflare Enterprise plan has more features such as automated full page caching and Argo Smart Routing for improved loading times relative to Kinsta.

Moreover, due to their advanced infrastructure setup that offloads a significant portion of the traffic away from the origin server, customers can expect 10-25 times the monthly visits with no PHP worker limits compared to Kinsta’s services. On top of all this, prices are also cheaper when it comes to as well as providing excellent online support and customer ratings on TrustPilot. In conclusion, while Kinsta may be more popular due to marketing efforts,’s specs easily blow Kinsta’s out of the water making it a much better alternative choice for hosting needs!

Kinsta Alternatives:

What is a visit?

Visits are a key metric in measuring the success of your website and is typically tracked by web hosts or analytics tools. In Kinsta’s definition, visit count is determined by “the sum of the unique IP addresses seen each 24-hour period as recorded in Nginx logs”. This means that if someone visits multiple times within one day, it still only counts as one visit. Apart from visitors, Kinsta also doesn’t count bots when determining your monthly limits. If you choose to use Cloudflare, then you’ll be able to squeeze out more visitors from your plan too.

By tracking visits and other metrics over time it allows us to understand which pages and posts on our website are performing well and which ones may need some tweaks for improvement. Knowing your visitors’ experience is essential for any online business so tracking the visits can help you make data-driven decisions in order to maximize its potential.

Kinsta pros and cons


Great Performance
Great Support
Highly secure and protected from Malware
Automatic database optimization
automated and on-demand backups
easy to use dashboard 


Low PHP worker Limit
Can be expensive for some users.
WordPress Only
No email Hosting

FAQs Related To Kinsta Hosting

Why is Kinsta WordPress Hosting so Expensive?

Kinsta is using Google Cloud servers to provide fast-loading, secure infrastructure to its customers. Besides that, they are also providing a lot of resources and efforts to provide a quality managed WordPress environment.

And that’s the reason Kinsta and similar other Managed WordPress hosting plans are costly compared to typical Shared WordPress hosting plans.

How Much Faster Will My Site Be on Kinsta’s Platform?

You can expect a very fast-loading website, in fact, the maximum. This kind of hosting plan offers a lot of cache systems, advanced servers, and many more technologies that actually help to speed up a website.

Which Cache Plugin Kinsta is Using?

Kinsta doesn’t allow any outside cache plugin. You have to install the Kinsta MU plugin which is by default installed on all their WordPress sites.

Does Kinsta Offer Any Free Trial?

No, Kinsta doesn’t offer any free trial account. But they offer a demo account where you can register and you can test features like site creation, backup management, one-click staging area, and more – all for free!

Final Verdict

There is no doubt about the Kinsta hosting as the best and fast Managed WordPress hosting with amazing other features like uptime, traffic, scalability, and support. Besides that also a few of the features like free website transfer for any number of sites are totally unique.

But their pricing is a big drawback compared to typical hosting companies. Although if you compare the Managed WordPress hosting providers, then you will find some similarities, their higher plans are really costly.

For a beginner who wants to host a blog on the Managed WordPress hosting plan, we need to spend at least $30/mo for 1 website with 10 GB disk space and a 10,000 traffic limit, which doesn’t look effective.

However, if you are not worried about the budget and want to keep your website or online business with the fast & most secure servers then Kinsta is undoubtedly a great hosting choice.

So, this is all about in this Kinsta review, you can try their demo account to experience the kind of hosting experience they are providing before purchasing their plans. This will help you to make the right decision for hosting your business.

Please share this Kinsta review with your friends who might be looking to get the best-managed WordPress hosting for their online business. Also, feel free to share your experience or questions by writing a comment below.

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