Here are the 5 reasons why SEO is competitive, not only in New York but in the entire United States.

Google’s has more than 200 algorithm factors and some of them actually revealed by the search giant (Google) itself. SEOs know from testing, press releases and other related sources close to the search engine. but that is not a complete and total picture of the Google algorithm.

Google continually changes its algorithms that makes it more complex to know the exact ranking factors and to stay with regular techniques.

Voice Search

When text messages started replacing phone calls, it seemed like voice communication had gone out of style, but that’s changing again. According to Google, now mobile searches are more than 50% of total searches. An increasing number of these searches are performed using voice.

You just have to think about the way people talk versus the way they write to understand why. Writing tends to be much more precise. Speech, on the other hand, is usually much more casual. More often than not, it’s also not as well thought out. To see examples of how this vagueness can result impact search results.

It can be harder to predict – and thus write for – voice searches, but that’s not the only issue. When people use voice search on their mobile devices, they’re not engaging in lengthy research projects. 

Search Vol.

Google Searches are continuously increasing day by day. Users perform more than 150 billion searches each month and numbers are growing day by day. As more people are coming online, more searches are sure to be performed.

search volume will be double, and more, Overtime. And the higher demand means, the more competition there’ll be. Means more difficult it’ll be to be ranked on Google.

An Ever-Changing Landscape

Adam Smith stated that, “People of the same trade seldom meet together, even for merriment and diversion, but the conversation ends in a conspiracy against the public, or in some contrivance to raise prices.” 

The search landscape is a complex field, and SEO experts are the doctors in the field, there’s an almost cult-like fashion amongst those that are in-the-know. 

However, this fashion couldn’t turn into a friendship, in the general sense. Each competing firm says that they’ll do what they can to make sure that they gobble up their fair share of the local SEO marketplace. And accepting that cities like New York are very competitive, to start with the ever-changing game.

First Position

91% of people that conduct a search never go beyond the first page. And 42% click on the first result & Appx. 62% on the top three results. If you’re not on the first page, or in the top three, then you’re missing your business. sometimes there are 100s of millions of search results for a keyword, and if you’re not at the first page then you’re nowhere in Google Search.

This is the reason why SEO companies charge so much amount and why it’s such a competitive market is because of what a #1 top position means. When you rank on top on Google for a highly-competitive keyword, you get free and HQ traffic.

Cost Of CPC

As the internet is growing, and we are moving away from the traditional advertising channels like as television and radio, and demand for ads on platforms like Google, Facebook or Instagram, and others is increasing and so the cost of those ads too. most ad networks are using CPC (Cost per click) model, as the demand goes higher, the more companies will be willing to pay more for those ad clicks.

How To Find The Right SEO Company

Dig Deep

Use tools like Semrush, Alexa and Way Back Machine to do research on a domain and See the history. check all the keywords the company ranks for. make sure that the company’s work is speaking louder than its words. If a company is getting big results for itself, then it could have a qualified candidate. If not, then don’t waste your time.


read their case studies and call the clients to ask about their experience to work with that company. If a company doesn’t provide direct contact information, then there can be a reason behind that so be sure to contact with their past clients as much as humanly possible.

Real Image

If a company ranks high for “best SEO company in + City name” it doesn’t mean that the company is expert and should be the one selected. to rank for these keywords, Most of these companies work tirelessly, but it doesn’t mean that you will get the same results in a short period for your business.


It’ is always easy to find out the cheapest SEO services. But remember that you will get what you pay for. Especially in the SEO industry. So don’t make your decision on the price of an SEO Company. Maybe you need to stretch your budget when it needs. You should find the right partner at the right price, not the cheapest Company.


Budget only isn’t an important factor. You also need to analyze their contracts. Keep in mind and ensure that there is no “secret sauce.” It boils down to hard work and adding lots of value. But If your website is completely outdated with lots of issues or new, then it’ will take more time to rank and also more work. So review the contract carefully so that it accounts for any “surprises” that might arise.

Ask for Some Tips

it is the best way to ensure that ask them some tips, site audits and other things like What do you rank for? Do you have AMP installed? Do pages load fast or slow? What does the ad vs content balance look like? Do you use canonicals URLs? And so on. you can add more queries to be sure to get as much information as possible.