Organic LinkedIn Marketing Techniques for Marketers

With an impeccable organic reach, LinkedIn is like a paradise […]

LinkedIn Marketing

With an impeccable organic reach, LinkedIn is like a paradise for marketers. It has officially passed half a billion mark this year.

As we approach 2024 new beginnings, LinkedIn has also arrived this year. With new updated features and more user-centric content, LinkedIn is gaining momentum. 

Over the years, LinkedIn as a platform has evolved with its audience. 

On the other hand, we can see the changes around the LinkedIn content landscape. Now, the fundamentals of the LinkedIn game have changed. Solving an issue or problem for your audience is more critical than the counts of engagements, likes, and shares. 

Brands have started thinking differently about their social strategy. They are sharing the other side of the story that is personal and impactful. 

With these positive changes, you must have come across a LinkedIn debate; LinkedIn organic reach is dead in 2024.

So many brands have found it hard to adapt to this new world of content. That’s the reason organic reach is viable for many brands and companies to this date.

To grow organically, you need to be a little strategic about your organic moves, build trust, and have fun while creating content. 

In this short guide, we will discuss a few organic ways to boost your LinkedIn marketing strategy.

Should You Still Use LinkedIn Marketing?

The answer is yes.

Now, the next question is why?

Let’s start with some compelling LinkedIn stats. 96% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn for organic social media marketing.

4 out of 5 LinkedIn people drive their business decisions for their targeted audience through LinkedIn.

As the world’s largest online professional network, LinkedIn is credible and trusted by millions.

So, hop on the wagon and use LinkedIn marketing to its fullest.

Here are a few valid reasons why LinkedIn marketing is suitable for your brand in 2024.

  • A trusted and competent brand environment

There’s so much noise out there that credible and reliable information is the need of the hour. Brands now firmly believe in being transparent with their content part.

We live in a time where trust is an irreplaceable attribute. And LinkedIn increases that trust by designing a professional environment for your brand. This showcases your brand as a reliable and authentic entity in people’s eyes.

  • Credible across all industries:

 It is not a surprise that LinkedIn is relevant in the technology, finance, and education sectors. In simple words, LinkedIn is a land with an array of professions, interests, and career paths. 

This long list of choices helps marketers to go in-depth with their audience research. You can target your audience by zeroing in with the right members.

  • B2B marketers can lean on LinkedIn: 

With a whopping 706+ million members in over 200 countries, LinkedIn is a house for B2B marketers. As per LinkedIn data, professionals are joining LinkedIn at a rate of nearly three new members per second. 

As a B2B-centric platform, LinkedIn forges relationships, expands new businesses, and elevates careers. Last year, LinkedIn saw a 55% increase in conversions among connections. 

LinkedIn remains at the top of the social media chart due to its objective marketing.

What will Make You Stand Out on LinkedIn?

Many factors account for making a brand stand out on LinkedIn. Approximately 55 million brands on LinkedIn are vying for attention day and night. 

But there are a few fundamentals every brand can follow to stand out on LinkedIn.

Define the target audience 

Understanding your target audience and connecting with them intentionally is the key. Define your audience’s needs, wants, and fears to create user-oriented content.

It’s an opportunity to push your boundaries and know your audience more profoundly.

When it comes to connection, connect with people who belong to your tribe. Sending requests to 1000s of random strangers won’t do any good for your brand.

If you’re not sure where to start, use the LinkedIn search feature. Add hashtags for search, apply filters for 1st and 2nd-degree connections, and send a quick, personalized message.

This will increase your chances of getting a response. Make your every move count.

Understand why LinkedIn is “Valuable”

LinkedIn gives you the freedom that other social media channels don’t. The freedom to build authority and thought leadership as a brand. 

This “value” that LinkedIn provides goes hand in hand with its impact on your audience. For example, the quality of conversation you have on LinkedIn is above par.

It acts like a two-way street where you can listen, analyze, participate, share, network, and then finally respond to your audience. 

This combination of identifying leads and building a community in real-time makes LinkedIn valuable as a social media platform.

Revamp your strategy with audience analysis 

Your audience is equipped to use LinkedIn as a search engine whether they are looking for your brand, a job, or just to connect.

For this reason, your LinkedIn page should be designed effectively. This helps your audience access free content and receive more value. 

You can use the free analysis section and gain insights into your articles, posts, and content. Through this, you can streamline your content creation process and revamp your entire LinkedIn strategy.

Create content that works for you

Did you know content creation on LinkedIn increased by 60% in 2023? 

Companies have managed to flip the script on LinkedIn even in unprecedented times. They kept in touch with their audience by creating content that solves their queries and issues.

But not every content you post goes viral; some content works and some fails. So, it is crucial to know which content yields the best results for you. 

For example, video content is booming nowadays. 

 LinkedIn pushes content that is relevant and intentional. So, if your video content is purposeful, it will show up as a trending post.

Look at your analytics section and keep an eye on your content impression. This will give you an idea of what works best for your brand. 

Create content that works for you. Period!

Share Your Story

Whether it’s a big-shot CEO or a copywriter, brands are focusing more on sharing their journey. 

Share your failures, wins, client’s rejection, a day as a professional to connect with your audience.

Even Bill Gates wrote 10 of the most engaging articles of 2023, sharing his personal thoughts. It recently got published in the LinkedIn Water Cooler Series. 

Add a little personal touch and uncover your weaknesses. Your brand’s imperfections make you more relatable to your audience. 

It helps you to stand out and resonate on a human level. 

Few Organic Linkedin Marketing Techniques

LinkedIn provides you with a variety of reasons to stick on the platform, listen, and share thoughts. 

Giant brands like Loreal are using the new LinkedIn event feature to amaze their audiences. 

Even Google is experimenting with a new Poll feature to advertise its certificate courses. 

In short, LinkedIn has launched a boxful of amazing features for marketers recently.

With the help of these new features and some tactical tips, growing your brand organically on LinkedIn is possible. 

Here are a few organic techniques to grow on LinkedIn.

Curate Content to Stay Relevant

For many marketers, creating content is a huge task. 

To provide consistent value to your audience, curate content instead of creating. It’s a process of selecting, organizing, and gathering information for documentation in the future.

You can easily create infographics, videos, articles, or images with this process. 

Every piece of content you post on your brand’s website can be curated and linked back to a LinkedIn post.

 You can get the most out of your efforts, which will help you support your brand’s mission and vision. 

Here are a few ways through which you can start documenting rather than creating content.

  •  Wrap your head around and look at your comments section. Find out what people are talking most about and take inspiration from the same. Create content around that topic and curate the voices of many.
  • Take a series of videos and pull out the best lessons for your audience, and link it to your company page and website.
  • Curate content from your industry-related podcasts or blogs. Surprise your audience and provide consistent value without any delay.

Leverage Stories Feature

 LinkedIn went all the way and created a space to share content with a 20-second video or image with your audience.

How can marketers leverage this?

Share your latest product or service launch, hiring alerts, and a glimpse of new updates. 

Show a different side of your brand. You can share behind the scenes your employee’s coffee talks and culture. It acts as a gateway to your direct messaging strategy. 

Your followers can send you direct messages in the first 24 hours. This helps you to start a conversation and build a rapport with your audience.

Use Polls to Grow

For a marketer, audience feedback is a treasure. The LinkedIn poll feature allows you to do the same. You can create a poll and add up to two to four options for your audience (voters). 

This is a great feature to boost audience engagement and reflect on people’s inputs. 

It is the best way to put your brand at the forefront and ask questions relevant to your audience. Tie your questions with any new product launch and plant a compelling idea in people’s minds. 

It helps you to remind people about your brand and create brand awareness.

Brush Up the Basics

Executives, people, and your audience get attracted to a well-optimized, aesthetic, and appealing profile. It doesn’t matter whether it’s your company’s page or your profile. 

We all know the deal with captivating profiles. Still, many marketers underestimate the power of basics.

Start with revising your basics. Add a good background pic, clear your headshot, and list out your experiences in brief.

 You can also use the new short audio feature to pronounce your name better to make an impression on your profile viewer.

Optimize your profile for your relevant industry keywords. And don’t forget to turn your profile summary into a compelling story. 

These basics remain the same even for a brand’s page. 

Use a catchy headline that defines what your brands do in simple words. 

For example: Take a look at the Thrive Global headline.

“We help individuals and companies improve their well-being and performance through sustainable, science-backed solutions.” 

That’s it!

Use the New “event” Tab.

You must have heard the saying, “Brands must become the architect of the community.”

 The event tab feature helps you build a virtual community and organize events on desktops, just like a real community but in a virtual space.

You can host a professional event and encourage your audience to participate and join through an external link. 

For example, you can use different CTAs for different events.

If you’re organizing a workshop related to sales training, add the paid workshop’s sign-up link as a CTA.

When people come into a community, they expect value. So, create as much value as you can with this new feature.

You can organize product launch-ups, alumni meetups, conferences, and summits. The best part is you can invite a third-party member for an event. This helps you to collaborate and reach a larger audience.

Pro-tip: You can check out all the participants’ demographics and use them in your next campaign. 

Optimize Company Page

Let’s be honest; we all are a little skeptical about company pages. Do they even drive traffic? How can we create consistent content and so on so forth? 

Having a clear and fresh brand voice is the key to attract your relevant audience.

Moreover, updating your audience with new trends and creating diverse and engaging content helps your brand to build authority. 

LinkedIn has also taken some steps to bridge the gap between employees, audiences, and brands. My company tab is one such new step. This feature acts like a coffee-corner for your company updates.

You can update the recent news about your employees, celebrate new hires and share some real-time insights.

The good part is that you can tag your employees, and they will receive a notification to re-share the content.

Why is this important?

Because engaged employees result in 14 times more shares and increased page activities.

Grow Your Subscribers List

When LinkedIn rolled out this new feature, brands were happy and stunned at the same time. Indeed, a great move by LinkedIn. 

Newsletters are a way of saying hello to your subscribers by providing value once in a while.

You can share valuable articles related to your brand, create e-guides for them, send your audience an occasional piece of content.

In return, they will subscribe to your free newsletter service. It’s a win-win situation for all.

You can select a name for your newsletter. Every time you publish one, a notification will be sent to your connections. This will encourage them to see what’s the new update for them.

Go Live For Your Audience 

The live option is already showering its results on many brands and that too, organically. 

LinkedIn reports suggest that being live on LinkedIn results in 24x times more comments and 7x times more reactions.

This is by far the most crucial organic technique to grow on linked in 2024. We couldn’t have asked for anything more.

Go live and show the face of your brand. Discuss issues, problems and interact with your audience. Invite new guests and share some insights on different topics. Provide value and build trust with your audience.


LinkedIn algorithms change now and then, but that doesn’t mean you can’t push-through and build your brand identity on this platform.

Take note of the type of content that LinkedIn is pushing at different intervals of time. Look around to gel in with what’s already working and stick to it.

Slowly and surely, you will see the difference in your engagement and impression rates.

Growing organically on LinkedIn does take some time and consistency to show results. But it’s never too late to get started.

So, start now, start today.

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